Which Peabody Teeth Whitening Treatment is Right for Me?

Peabody teeth whitening

A bright, confident smile can work wonders for your overall appearance and inner self-esteem. At Levy Goldman Dentistry in Peabody, MA, we understand the importance of a dazzling smile. As your premier dental provider, we offer versatile teeth whitening services that not only enhance your smile’s youthfulness but help you feel your best. But with so many teeth whitening options available, it may seem a little overwhelming to pick just one. We can help you narrow down your choices based on your oral health goals and personal preferences. 

Find Out if You Qualify for Teeth Whitening

Before diving into the different teeth whitening options available, it’s important to determine if you are a suitable candidate for this cosmetic dentistry treatment. Our skilled dentists will evaluate your smile to ensure that teeth whitening is a safe and effective choice for your circumstances.

If you have untreated dental issues such as cavities or gum disease, it’s crucial to address these concerns first. Similarly, if you have areas of gum recession or struggle with sensitive teeth, we will want to adapt the application process and type of gel used to ensure gentle—yet effective—results. And last but certainly not least, our Peabody cosmetic dentists will need to ensure that there are no tooth-colored restorations (such as bonding, crowns, or fillings) in your smile zone. If there are, the whitening gel will not affect their color; the good news is that we can adjust your whitening procedure to correspond with updating any dental work, allowing you to enjoy the brightest smile overall. 

Whitening is best for adults and older teens. However, our Peabody dentists recommend waiting to whiten if you’re currently pregnant or nursing. 

Know the Best Time to Whiten

Timing is everything when it comes to teeth whitening. We recommend scheduling your treatment just before updating any visible dental work so that the newer materials can be matched to the brighter shade of your smile. We also highly suggest having your teeth professionally cleaned just before you plan on whitening. This will help to ensure an even whitening effect, where the product can best penetrate your clean tooth surfaces.

Additionally, it’s important to consider any upcoming special events or occasions where you want to look your best, such as a wedding, job interview, or family portrait. Planning ahead will allow you to achieve the best results just in time for those memorable moments. That being said, you don’t have to wait for a special milestone to whiten your teeth; brightening your smile is the perfect pick-me-up any time of year. 

Decide Between Take-Home and In-Office Whitening

At Levy Goldman Dentistry, we offer both take-home and in-office teeth whitening options to suit your preferences and lifestyle. The in-office treatments offer you results in one day, while take-home kits allow you to whiten your teeth more gradually. If you’re in a rush or prefer a “hands-off” approach, same-day treatment is your best option. But if you like the option of whitening less frequently due to sensitive teeth or want to be able to touch up fairly often, a take-home system is an excellent choice.

Take-Home Whitening Benefits

Take-home whitening options typically fall into one of two designs: strips or trays. 

GLO Home Whitening for Sensitive Teeth: 

If you have fairly sensitive teeth, our GLO home whitening system is an excellent investment. GLO utilizes a gentle, sensitivity-free formula that gradually whitens your teeth without causing unnecessary discomfort. This option is ideal for individuals who prefer a more gradual approach to teeth whitening without sacrificing great results.

Custom Whitening Trays: 

For anyone seeking a personalized yet dramatic whitening solution, our custom whitening trays are a great option. We’ll create custom-made trays that snuggly fit around each of the teeth. This design allows for even distribution of the whitening gel while using the least amount of product possible. You can comfortably wear your trays at home; most people see full results in 10-14 days, and you can touch up at any time. 

Opalescence Go Professional Strength Strips: 

Opalescence Go strips are pre-filled with a professional strength whitening gel, so you won’t have to worry about gels or filling trays. These convenient strips adhere to your teeth and deliver consistent, effective results when used as directed. 

In-Office (Same-Day) Whitening Advantages

Chairside teeth whitening provides same-day results, as the treatment is performed here in our Peabody dental office.

GLO One-Hour Teeth Whitening: 

For immediate and dramatic results, our GLO one-hour teeth whitening treatment offers the strongest and most noticeable results. This in-office procedure takes about an hour to complete and utilizes advanced technology to safely and effectively whiten your teeth while you sit back and relax. 

SMYLE 30-Minute Teeth Whitening:

If you have a busy schedule, our SMYLE 30-minute teeth whitening treatment is a fantastic way to squeeze treatment into your break away from work. In just half an hour, you can achieve a noticeably whiter smile.

Ongoing Teeth Whitening Maintenance

Once you’ve whitened your smile, it’s important to maintain your results to keep your teeth as bright as possible. We recommend scheduling regular dental cleanings and avoiding especially dark drinks like red wine and tea (rinsing your mouth with water after drinking dark liquids or using a straw can also help prevent new stain accumulation.) Touching up your teeth after each checkup can help you prolong your results over time. 

Talk To Our Peabody Cosmetic Dentists

Choosing the right teeth whitening treatment is easy with our experienced cosmetic dentists on your side. At Levy Goldman Dentistry, our experienced team of providers is here to guide you every step of the way. We will carefully assess your unique oral health needs and aesthetic preferences, providing personalized recommendations for achieving the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Don’t let stained or discolored teeth hold you back from showing off a beautiful smile. Contact Levy Goldman Dentistry in Peabody, MA, today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a brighter, more confident you!

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