Top 10 Reasons to Get Invisalign

Are you considering investing in Invisalign? Clear aligners are a great way to enhance your oral health, boost your self-confidence, and prolong the lifespan of your smile. If you’ve been tossing the idea around about discussing Invisalign treatment, here are 10 reasons that you should visit our Invisalign dentists in Peabody:

1.    You’re Not Too Old to Enjoy Straighter Teeth

Age should never hold you back from achieving a confident smile. Invisalign is for everyone, from teens to adults, offering a discreet way to straighten teeth without the hassle or look of traditional braces. In fact, Invisalign was originally developed for adult orthodontic patients. And because adults tend to be more invested in their treatment, they typically make better candidates for removable aligner systems like Invisalign. 

2.    Symmetry is Key to a Beautiful Smile

Invisalign aligners focus on achieving perfect symmetry and enhancing the overall aesthetics of your smile without any extra cosmetic work. They provide you with a holistic way to help your smile look its best.  Straighter teeth are one of the key elements to a harmonious and attractive appearance, which is one reason our Peabody dentists frequently recommend Invisalign as a non-invasive smile enhancement. Best of all, you can maintain the results for as long as you keep your retainers; you won’t have to update or change out any dental work. 

3.    Straight Teeth are Less Likely to Get Cavities

Misaligned teeth create tight spaces where plaque and bacteria thrive. It’s statistically proven that crooked teeth are at a much higher risk of getting cavities than straight teeth. Even if you floss and brush regularly, a tilted or rotated tooth is more likely to harbor plaque buildup and food debris during the day. Invisalign’s alignment benefits make cleaning those spaces easier, and those teeth are less likely to collect as much buildup. As a result, you’re reducing the risk of getting new cavities.

4.    Aligned Teeth Are at a Lower Risk of Gum Disease

Surprise! Much like tooth decay, misaligned teeth are also at a higher risk of developing periodontal (gum) disease around them. Gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. Invisalign not only straightens teeth but also helps prevent periodontal disease by lowering your risk of plaque and tartar buildup in wide or tight spaces. If you have a trouble spot that always seems to get buildup or bleeds when you floss, ask us if the teeth in that area are rotated or crooked; you might want to learn how Invisalign can help. 

5.    You Can Eat Whatever You Want

Unlike braces, Invisalign orthodontic patients can eat whatever they want, whenever they want, without anything breaking. Just remove your aligners during meals or when you’re snacking; you can still indulge in the occasional sticky or crunchy teeth without worrying about braces or wires coming loose. And while you can drink water while wearing your aligners, we do recommend removing them for any other liquids.

6.    With Invisalign, Nobody Will See You in Braces

Invisalign’s clear aligners are virtually invisible once they’re over your teeth, allowing you to straighten them discreetly. You can smile confidently throughout the treatment, and most people will never know that you’re in these invisible “braces.” Plus, the contoured shape is snuggly fitted to each tooth, making them even harder to see unless you’re looking from a few inches away. 

7.    It’s Easy to Keep Your Teeth Clean During Treatment

Invisalign aligners are removable, making oral hygiene a breeze. Traditional braces patients have to use special tools and flossing aids to clean around their teeth. Invisalign makes home care easy. Simply remove your trays, brush, floss, clean your aligners, and put them back in. You won’t need to buy any extra threaders or fancy cleaning tools; your regular toothbrush and floss will do just fine!

8.    Invisalign is Just as Affordable as Braces

Invisalign is an affordable option for teeth straightening, with various payment plans available. Today, most Invisalign cases can be completed for about the same price as traditional braces. Pricing varies depending on your specific treatment length, so it’s important to see an Invisalign dentist for a cost estimate. During your consultation at Levy Goldman Dentistry, we’ll also provide you with a customized treatment plan that outlines the time requirements and associated costs; you’ll know exactly what to expect before you commit to treatment.  Most people can easily fit the cost of Invisalign into their monthly budget with our flexible financing options. And if you have orthodontic coverage through your insurance company, we can apply your benefits toward the cost of your treatment. 

9.    Invisalign Can Help Prevent Tooth Wear

Crooked teeth often develop uneven wear and flat or sharp edges from having high points that hit against one another. Invisalign corrects misalignment, allowing teeth to perform more efficiently and reducing your risk of worn spots. Although tooth enamel is the hardest substance in your body, excessive tooth-on-tooth wear can still destroy healthy teeth. Don’t wait until it’s too late; if you notice teeth starting to wear down or chip, be sure to ask our Peabody dentist if it’s related to your occlusion (bite relationship.)

10.    Part of a Periodontal or TMJ Treatment Plan

Invisalign can be integrated into your comprehensive dental care plan by reducing your risk of periodontal issues or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems associated with misaligned teeth. Most people only think of teeth straightening as a cosmetic issue, but statistically speaking, straighter teeth are healthier teeth. Making the investment in your bite alignment serves to prolong the long-term health of your mouth. And if your misalignment is causing your bite to be “off,” correcting it will reduce tension in your jaws, helping to holistically treat the root cause of some types of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD.)

Call for an Invisalign Consultation

It’s time to invest in the smile you deserve. Invisalign can boost both your oral health and your self-confidence. Contact Levy Goldman Dentistry in Peabody, MA, today to reserve your no-obligation Invisalign consultation. With our flexible financing options, what are you waiting for?

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