Cosmetic Dentistry

Composite veneers in Peabody, MA

Understanding Same-Day Composite Veneers

Welcome to Levy Goldman Dentistry, your premier destination for comprehensive and cosmetic dental care in Peabody, MA. Our team is committed to providing innovative services that not only enhance our patients’ oral health but also boost their confidence with beautiful smiles. One of the exciting services we offer is same-day composite veneers, also called chairside

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Gum lift in Peabody, MA

What is a “Gum Lift” and How Does it Help Gummy Smiles?

Considering a gum lift? At Levy Goldman Dentistry in Peabody, MA, we pride ourselves on being a premier cosmetic dental practice that offers innovative services to enhance our patients’ health and confidence. One such service that we provide is the gum lift, a procedure designed to address gummy smiles or uneven/atypical tooth shapes.  If you’ve

What is a “Gum Lift” and How Does it Help Gummy Smiles? Read More »


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